October 13th, 2012 by Clark Humphrey

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All good tidings and shout-outs to my fellow Stranger refugee and prominent commercial illustrator Kathryn Rathke. She’s created the new official logo for Wendy’s restaurants. The deceptively simple mascot caricature took three years of client approval and market testing.

  • I’ve now read ThoughtCatalog.com’s “23 Things To Know About Seattle.” Yep, it’s dumb.
  • Did Paul Ryan “borrow” his story about naming his daughter “Bean” from Kurt Cobain?
  • The anti-gay-marriage campaign: lying full-time, lying from the start.
  • Note to “guerrilla marketers”: Spray-painting your logo on Seattle sidewalks is illegal.
  • America’s fastest growing religion: none of the above.
  • Once again, “For Women” product advertising proves to be an exercise in ridiculousness. (Today’s example: beef jerkey.)
  • The late UK children’s entertainer (and original Top of the Pops host) Jimmy Savile has been posthumously outed as a serial assailant of underage girls. Some of his victims are hounding the BBC to learn what the broadcaster knew, and didn’t do, about his crimes.
  • Despite what my ex-boss Mr. Savage might imply, a teenager doesn’t have to be gay to be bullied to the edge of sanity. This is what happened to a 15-year-old girl in the Vancouver suburbs, who took her own life after posting a YouTube video showing how she’d been harassed and bullied online.

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  • Art Marriott writes:
    October 15th, 201212:27 pmat


    From reading the Pew report your cited article links to, it would appear that the number of people of “faith” of one sort or another in a higher power isn’t declining so much as those who aren’t affiliated with any organized church. It might be speculated that this may well reflect those who’ve been offended by the increasing institutional arrogance and “how-to-think-about-everything” dogmatism rearing its grotesque head in numerous evangelical Christian denominations and more recently the Roman Catholic Church. Those who’ve been accustomed to attending church to be reminded of a loving God might be expected to take offense at being handed a bucket full of politics instead.

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