Aug 10th, 2011 by Clark Humphrey

from thelmagazine.com

There’s bad news today for the book snobs out there.

(You know, the droning turned-up-nose guys who love to whine that Nobody Reads Anymore, except of course for themselves and their own pure little subculture.)

Turns out, according to a study co-sponsored by two industry groups, book sales are actually up over the past three years!

Yes, even during this current economic blah-blah-blah!

Ebook sales have particularly exploded.

But regular dead-tree volumes are also up; except for mass market paperbacks (perhaps the most vulnerable category to the ebook revolution).

Adult fiction sales rose 8.8 percent from early ’08 to late ’10. Also doing well, according to the NYT story about the study: “Juvenile books, which include the current young-adult craze for paranormal and dystopian fiction….” (Good news for people who love bad news, to quote a Modest Mouse CD.)

Oh, as for that other commercial communications medium? You know, the medium that the book snobs call their sworn enemy?

The AP headline says it all: “Pay TV industry loses record number of subscribers.”


Has the above inspired you to get with the program, hop on the bandwagon, follow the fad, and start buying some more books for your very own?

I have a great little starter number, just for you.

Aug 8th, 2011 by Clark Humphrey

The Seattle Times has affirmed something I’ve known personally for a while now.

The only jobs to be had in this town are for software programmers.

Can I learn to program at my stage of life?

And if so, any recommendations where/how?

And would it even be worth it?

I’d rather not go through a whole costly course of study, only to find the companies still want only to hire the young and/or already employed.

And I don’t want to study technologies that will cease to be in demand after I’ve started studying them.

May 10th, 2011 by Clark Humphrey

As promised a week or so back, here is the second installment of Monetize Me!, my search for something to do for money. This installment is in the form of simple logical statements.

  1. I need a living wage.
  2. Local freelance journalism and little local books don’t supply this.
  3. It’s not just me. Others with far better self-selling skills are also finding freelance writing to be well nigh impossible as a career.
  4. Yet when I explain my situation to well-meaning friends and acquaintances, both online and in person, they invariably suggest “cool” new writing topics, without any idea how, or to whom, these works could be sold. (“I know! You could write about….”)
  5. Suggesting “more of the same” won’t do the trick, because the same isn’t working for me.
  6. Yet many of you know me only from these works, and imagine them to be the whole of my identity. Some of you see me as “A Writer” a lot more strongly than I do.
  7. But I can do other things. Many other things. This series of posts will explore them.
  8. Before we go any further, an additional clarification: Money is the ONLY ultimate goal of this endeavor. Not “exposure.” Not web hits. Not publicity for the low-earning things I already do. I need actual monetary income. Get it? Good.
Apr 27th, 2011 by Clark Humphrey

The things I do now don’t earn me a living income. But they’re the only things some of you know me for. I’m trying to find other (perhaps extremely “other”) things to do with my skills. Things that aren’t simply more of the same, because the same ain’t working for me.

This search for a new and/or improved career will be the topic of my newest category of web posts, Monetize Me!

Further details will show up over the next few days.

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