2/24/23: DOLL PARTS
Feb 23rd, 2023 by Clark Humphrey

American Girl’s two new ‘1999 Seattle’ dolls; Mudede on what (really) makes a vibrant city (hint: it’s not upscale retail); one neighborhood that wants a light-rail station; serious snow could appear in Seattle this weekend.

Jan 26th, 2023 by Clark Humphrey

Your chance to see the new Convention Center complex; activists announce City Council runs; solving homelessness will have a price tag; your chance to help me out by buying cool old stuff.

Jun 29th, 2022 by Clark Humphrey

Seattle’s vast, post-lockdown music scene(s); Charleena Lyles’ father’s emotional inquest testimony; Amazon limits ‘Plan B’ pill orders; why we can’t have more tourist-beloved shopping alleys.

Jun 7th, 2022 by Clark Humphrey

Noting seven years of these e-missives (and many more years of yrs. truly); hospital leaders say to put your masks back on; Nooksack ‘disenrollment’ case goes to state Supreme Court; Snohomish Co. sheriff guts life-saving outreach teams.

May 13th, 2018 by Clark Humphrey

Amazon’s discontents speak out as head-tax vote nears; coal-port cancellation brings a lawsuit; an outré-book mogul dies.

9/11/17: E TU, HQ2?
Sep 10th, 2017 by Clark Humphrey

While the nation’s opposite corner endures massive eco-carnage, our corner faces continuing pundit-blather about Amazon’s “co-equal headquarters” scheme. We additionally discuss visual proof of transit’s popularity; more about our corner’s own enviro-crisis (fire instead of water); the Seahawks’ opening meh; and remembering a not-so-sweet 16 years ago.

6/7/17: THE LAST REEL?
Jun 6th, 2017 by Clark Humphrey

Wednesday’s MISCmedia MAIL doesn’t know any more than you about the sudden closure of the classic Guild 45th and Seven Gables cinemas. We do know a little about another police-brutality settlement; the International District’s “upzone” moving forward; what white liberals don’t “get” about the whole Evergreen State College to-do; and our big, boistrous birthday party (tomorrow, Thursday 6/8/17, at the tony Two Bells!).

Now Out: WHO AM I? WHY AM I HERE?: A Northwest Noir Road Novel
Jan 12th, 2017 by Clark Humphrey

who am i cover

As promised for a few weeks now, here’s our big fiction project.

It’s the ERRATICA FICTION series.

Each short, enthralling book has different characters and settings, but similar themes: the meaning and weirdness of humanity in these United States, told with wry humor and precision prose.

Our already-published story THE MYRTLE OF VENUS is the first volume.

The second is out now: WHO AM I? WHY AM I HERE?

It’s the mysterious tale of an ordinary, clean-cut teenage boy, who learns he has the power to bring about the end of the world.

He ends up on the run from one group that wants his powers and then another.

His only ally is a world-weary girl/woman who seems to know more about him and his destiny than he does.

You can get it in tangible paperback form or the popular “ebook” format.

There will be at least three more ERRATICA FICTION volumes over the next year—two more short novels and a story collection.

MISCmedia MAIL for 12/9/16: SNOWTACULAR!
Dec 8th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

Finally! Snow in the city, spectacular and beautiful (and rare and very temporary). Non-meteorological topics this day include gift books for the budding political activist in your family; a new, almost-1,200-unit residential complex; another local alt-media source needing support; a woman who videoed her own racial hate crime; and the usual umpteen weekend things-2-do.

Dec 7th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

Seventy-five years since Pearl Harbor, and not only are some dorks thinking of the Japanese American internment as a model for future endeavors, but also a serious totalitarian threat faces us not from without but from within. In relatively lighter topics, we’ve found one person who doesn’t like the new spiffy Wallingford transfer station; a local troll-avenger just might become the subject of a scripted TV series; a hotel project’s potential threat to the Chinatown-International District; and Seattle’s now home to America’s No. 5 airline.

MISCmedia MAIL FOR 12/5/16: SNOW OR NO?
Dec 4th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

Snow in Seattle is rarely forecast. Those forecasts, in turn, often don’t come true. What will happen this time? Further topics today include a victory (for now) at Standing Rock; a big “March Against Hate;” Airbnb working with the Urban League; another longtime local biz asking for your help; and Husky and Seahawk football blowout wins (albeit the latter with a price).

MISCmedia MAIL for 12/2/16: THE LAST LATTE?
Dec 1st, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

Howard Schultz, aka The Man Who Sold (Out) the Sonics, will step aside as Starbucks’ CEO. In further news, we peruse UW football’s next step toward a possible trip to Title-town; why remembering the Seattle of old is NOT a futile gesture; potentially huge Seattle school budget cuts; Seattle U’s student-body prez outs himself as “undocumented”; the obscure Seattle past behind a national icon; and scads of weekend events. And we just might have a little snow.

MISCmedia MAIL for 9/26/16
Sep 25th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

The big book party was such a success, we might hold another. (Watch this space for particulars.) For now, though, it’s back to the daily grind of local news digestin’, which this day includes some allegedly tacky actions by exhibit organizers against two Af-Am artists; a concept to help the environment by re-opening coal mines (?); a video game set at a space station called “Tacoma”; and lotsa local sports wins.

Sep 22nd, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

One of Seattle’s last indie pharmacies will soon reach its expiration date with no refills. We speak as well about a UW minimum-wage analyst’s alleged conflict-O-interest; public schools filled to overflowing (again); Marshawn Lynch talking more about social justice than about his own business ventures; another potential Boeing “tax windfall”; and the Storm season’s sudden end.

MISCmedia MAIL for 9/21/16: ON TRACK?
Sep 20th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

Regional politicians proposed a far better idea than an all-robocar lane on I-5: hi-speed rail from here to Vancouver. Additional subjects in our e-missive include the state’s still-unreformed foster care system; blame placed for the Greenwood gas explosion; a hope to one day “re-program” cancer cells; a coming exhibit on Seattle’s food history; and whales vs. whales off Vancouver Island.

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