April 16th, 2012 by Clark Humphrey

Jim Bracher at the Seattle Backpackers Magazine site offers a mostly-positive review of our somewhat-new book Walking Seattle:

The author’s knowledge of Seattle is extensive, comprehensive, and impressive. I didn’t realize part of Perkins Lane is still closed after the mudslides in ’97 (p. 64), and I’d forgotten the horror that dominated the news after the murders at the Wah Mee club in ’83 (p. 79). He also reminded me of The Blob (p. 58), a building I’d forgotten even though I used to walk by it almost daily.…

This guy knows architecture. I know bungalows from Queen Anne, but he knows Art Moderne from Beaux Arts.… Architecture helps tell the story of a city. The current downtown Seattle Library is a statement about what we want the city to be, what we want others to see when they look at us, and what sort of buildings we want to see when go out. All the buildings of Seattle’s past were designed for the same purpose. The bungalows, the big homes of Queen Anne Hill’s past, all tell the story of what was going on in Seattle. It’s a cool history. I wish Humphrey had told more of it.…

He’s a good writer. The prose flows. Reading through the tour descriptions is easy and clear…. I’d love more story-telling. He’s capable of it and the book shows he knows it.

Bracher also has some dislikes about the book. Almost all of those relate to the publisher’s series format (page size, layout, etc.).

And he wishes there was a smartphone app for it.

Guess what? There is! It’s an add-on virtual tour guide that works within the iOS/Android app ViewRanger.

But on the whole, he likes Walking Seattle.

And you will too.

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  • Katie writes:
    April 18th, 20127:58 pmat

    EXCELLENT! I think it should be given to all newbies who move here, to assist with acclimation.

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