January 17th, 2012 by Clark Humphrey


As an entire region continues to impatiently await the promised, wondrous Snowtopia hinted at on Sunday but only teased about in the two days since, here’s some beautiful flakes of randomness for ya.

  • Knute Berger’s found some unused ideas for the 1962 World’s Fair, many of which were rightfully unused.
  • The state budget supercrisis is causing even the state ferry system to consider dropping whole routes. Buh bye, Bremerton. Was nice to know ya.
  • Eric Scigliano raises the battle cry: Save the Phone Book! (The white pages, at least.)
  • One proposal to (partly) stem the state’s fiscal megacrisis: A capital gains tax.
  • Another such proposal is to move all business-tax collection to Olympia, cutting cities and counties out of the action.
  • The city of Seattle wants to shut down outdoor homeless-feeding operations. Is this humaneness, or is it the “disappearing” of poverty?
  • Union-bustin’, vote-suppressin’, billionaire-coddling Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker is really, really unpopular.
  • Now that she’s sold her news-aggregation-site empire to AOL, is Arianna Huffington going to become a Republican again?
  • The fight against sweatshop-made sports merch spreads from colleges to pro teams, including the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Fond birthday wishes to perhaps the greatest living American.
  • If anyone here has ever had any doubts, the most recent race-to-the-bottom GOP debate shows it again: racist bigotry is neither clever nor cool. It’s just stupid.

And finally, I will have a new product announcement in this space tomorrow. It’s something all loyal MISCphiles will want to have for their very own.

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